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City Eats

A Mini Food Project - Documentation of City Cultures through Food

City eats

City Eats was a mini food project I started when I first moved to New York with the idea of exploration and documentation in mind. Over the course of seven months, I would take a photo of a meal I had out each day, at a different location in order to explore the city better. From there on, I filtered down the photos to those that represented 'my' own personal city.

The common thread was that they were fusions of cultures. Far from traditional, each restaurant or hole in the wall joint reeked of the melting pot society that New York has been known for. Combinations of food came together in a strangely disarming way that was the true experience.

Sections of society that were bound by the imaginary grid lines that split boroughs from one another were reflected in food styles, as well as the people who frequented them which brought personal joy in bettering my understanding of New York.

For more information on the project, head over to "city eats."