City Snaps: Amsterdam July 2022

Once again, it’s long overdue, but I’m finally looking through photos from my Europe trip last year. It was possibly my longest solo trip to date (at a solid 7 weeks) and as expected, it was tremendous fun and full of eye-opening experiences. I haven’t written anything publicly for a long time now, and it feels strange to pen my thoughts for both friend (or foe) to read. Don’t take anything too seriously. As usual, it’s just my ramblings written on hindsight while looking back on these old photos I’ve taken.

Amsterdam is such a charming city, and I thoroughly enjoyed the curation at Stedelijk museum, as well as the opportunity to view some of Rembrandt and Vemeer’s classics. Importantly, I also discovered the name of an artist whose print I’ve been looking for over a decade (before Google image search was a thing), and that made the entire trip worthwhile. Long story short, those prints are now mine (2/3 of them anyway), and now the lifelong search continues for the last, and perhaps the most treasured piece in the collection (at least to me, because of my personal connection with it.) Ah, just thinking back on the memory makes me reflect on what a serendipitous encounter it was! It was undoubtly a good day.

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