City Snaps: Versailles Summer 2022

This was something I had wanted to do for a tremendously long time – ever since I had learned about French history in my beginner art classes in high school, then once again in university. The rococo period has always been one of the more fascinating (and dramatic) periods of time in French history, with a rich and breathtaking view to back up its claim to fame.

I would suppose this post is dedicated to my 18 year old self who thought the world of Louis xvi, though in reality he was just a timid child who was scared of everything. Huge kudos to him for always being faithful and never having a mistress though. In lieu of all the stories, Louis xiv would still have to be my personal favourite. I imagine court to be a little like a circus in more ways than one and being an observer would probably entail lots of entertainment. At least until my head rolled… that is.

As expected, the palace was wildly packed during the summer, but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. It was definitely a bucket list check sort of moment – and I don’t even have a bucket list. Also, I ate the dryest jambon beurre baguette in the history of bread, so I had to commemerate that. Now I like my baguette with a bit of chew as much as the next French person, but it was too much. No amount of butter could salvage it, and that says a lot! Well, I don’t think I would necessarily repeat that consuption, but it did make me chuckle quite a bit.

Another one for the memory bank: I did get lost in the the labyrinth of Versailles whilst walking the garden grounds. It was not pleasant to say the least because the land is massive and it was exhausting. For the longest time, I thought hedge mazes were cool and grand (they still are), and now I will think twice about venturing into one.

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