City Snaps: Never-ending Summer 2022

More highlights from the longest solo Europe trip ever. Also, I’ve graduated! (saying this 10 months too late, but it felt appropriate since this trip was for my grad ceremony.) Obviously, there is no distinct difference to an additional degree, though one might refute that statement if it was a PhD and I wanted toContinue reading “City Snaps: Never-ending Summer 2022”

City Snaps: Ainsworth Estate November 2021

Gloom & doom indeed! The weather has changed drastically. While we aren’t quite in freezing temperatures yet, the minimal sunlight and sombre atmosphere has turned the city so dreary. I insisted on going for a walk despite the overcast conditions, which seemed to suit my subject of the day. Boy, I really love all theContinue reading “City Snaps: Ainsworth Estate November 2021”

City Snaps: London August 2019 (Part ii)

London is particularly beautiful towards the end of summer – some sunshine even with cloudy days, which really remind me of Magritte’s paintings. There were so many terrific exhibitions going on, and I ended up with museum fatigue close to the fifth or sixth day but I powered through. Exhibition FOMO must exist outside ofContinue reading “City Snaps: London August 2019 (Part ii)”