City Snaps: Copenhagen August 2019 (Part i)

Some bits of Denmark’s capital from my visit in August 2019. Copenhagen is beautiful in every way, and it was made better because I got to enjoy the city with close friends. I would like to go back, and potentially eat a giant cheesecake all by myself alongside thirty sausage rolls. Pretty sure my good friends will join me on this endeavour, but no, we should not make it a reality. They have some of the best food in the world, even though I didn’t delve deep into Nordic cuisine this trip. Take my word for it though, seeing how I gained a solid 3kg during a 5 day trip. Can I say it was the cheesecake, or was it all the other sweets I consumed…? We’ll never know.

Hopefully I’ll get round to summarising the best of my experiences in the not too distant future.

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