City Snaps: Oslo August 2019

Travelling solo (to a brand new place) has always been daunting for me. It’s not something I’ve wanted to do while growing up, and only found myself in that situation a couple of years back due to a twist of strange events. However, I’ve been hooked since the initial “try-out” if you will. My parents (and many acquaintances) still frown upon the idea of solo travel and are very indignant about finding enjoyment alone. I’m still coming to terms and searching for the sweet spot of alone time required to enjoy to my heart’s content, and not feel guilty about the downsides to spending too much time alone.

There’s a certain kind of charm to exploring little alleys and getting lost to get the feel of a city, making a plan and then forgoing it all together based on your whims and fancies. I’ve had troubles in the past deciding what I want to do (based on emotion) rather than logistics (what makes sense) and every trip has taught me a thing or two about myself which I can’t dismiss easily.

Also, Norwegians really seem to have their life sorted unlike the rest of the world. I’m a little envious.

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