March 2020 – A New Beginning

Fireflies on the water, 2002 by Yayoi Kusama at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Finally, an updated website for a new lease on life this March.

I was feeling restless for a couple of days, and forgot about a to-do list I wrote down back in December that was filled with things I wanted to do but was “too busy” to do it while I was working 15 hour work days. I was adamant about accomplishing them before starting the year anew in August (more on that another time.)

It turns out that coding a new website, transferring domain host and other stuff I had to re-learn only required 16 hours of non-stop work, an obsessive need to get things done and some very pleasant tea. I’m very grateful for having inspiring friends who share their experiences with me. I probably wouldn’t have buckled down to start this project if it weren’t for them (though I’ve had this nagging feeling at the back of my head, wanting to re-code and trash all my old work for quite some time.) It all started when my banker casually asked ‘whether I knew I still had a website’. Yikes. Embarrassing much. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve felt this accomplished in a long time. If someone finds this somehow, I’d like to say I’m proud of what I put on the internet.

This photo I’m using above was taken during the summer of 2012 at the old Whitney Museum on the Upper East Side. It was taken with my favourite film camera at that time, the Natura Classica with Fuji Colour 1600 film, both of which can no longer be found. (I lost the original files somewhere, but I managed to find this one with a watermark from my first website.) What a throwback! It seems like we have come full circle.

In the meantime, I’ll be porting photologs and some older notes over. I’m excited to have a blog again. It’s very 2000 and I am having all sorts of diaryland feels, except I hope that I do cooler things than I did in the past (play basketball all day and whine about my classmates.)

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