Well, well, well, look who’s alive…

On hindsight, 2021 was an absolutely terrible year. It was abysmal (not being dramatic here) now that I actually have the capacity to say “on hindsight”. In the years to come, I hope to recall 2021 with mere disdain on my face, yet knowing it has shaped my character for the better. 2022 was (is)Continue reading “Well, well, well, look who’s alive…”

What Day Is It Again?

Apparently it is June, or so they say. May came and went, but I hardly noticed (save for scribbling tally marks on the wall in the lavatory.) It has been approximately 75 days since what I could consider a near sentencing, but really, who’s counting? Some ominous music cue 2001 is perfect for this melodramaticContinue reading “What Day Is It Again?”

April 2020 Thoughts

Or Is This Real Life or Is This Just Covid-19? Lately, I’ve been feeling sluggish and losing direction in life. It’s funny how life throws you a curveball and everything comes to a standstill. It’s certainly hard to imagine living frivolously through a difficult time such as this one when the realities and fragility ofContinue reading “April 2020 Thoughts”