City Snaps: London August 2019 (Part ii)

London is particularly beautiful towards the end of summer – some sunshine even with cloudy days, which really remind me of Magritte’s paintings. There were so many terrific exhibitions going on, and I ended up with museum fatigue close to the fifth or sixth day but I powered through. Exhibition FOMO must exist outside ofContinue reading “City Snaps: London August 2019 (Part ii)”

City Snaps: Gulf of Alaska June 2019 (Part i)

A ridiculous encounter during this Alaskan trip. Sometimes I feel like I’m not here for a study /research program, but rather a holiday because all of these unfamiliar experiences. I did retract my statement a couple of times, but what is truly amazing is being able to see how people live and work in completelyContinue reading “City Snaps: Gulf of Alaska June 2019 (Part i)”